Onemanshow van Vegard Stokke in Tielt

Door Kurt Vermeerbergen op 15 Apr 2019 - 09:24
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De Noor Vegard Stokke gaf gisteren een echte onemanshow weg in het West-Vlaamse Tielt. Hij werkte de laatste 6-7 rondes solo af en kwam aan met een voorsprong van bijna 2min30 op de nummer 2, Sébastien Van Poppel.

"I wanted to be in the breakaway today to get some good training before the big races I have coming up, I already went from the start. Me and two other guys, we worked well together in the start but 1 of the guys didn’t want to work anymore and we got caught by the chasers. I rested for half a lap and then got in the breakaway with another guy, we worked really well together but when he didn’t want to take turns at the front anymore I attacked and went solo for the last 6 or 7 laps. I got solid gap to the chasers.  I’m really with my performance. It was a really cool course and a really nice event. Big thanks to the organizers!"

Foto: archief 2018